Coming Together.

As much as I’ve ranted about hating technology in these times, isn’t it amazing that in such terrible times, people find a way to connect and be together?

I’ve just had a birthday in quarantine (as mentioned), alongside a large proportion of the people I know. Blowing the dust off that old disco ball and having a kitchen disco or sitting outside for a picnic wearing a big birthday badge and crown. People have still found ways to celebrate.

Quizzes, have been something no-one in 2020 will forget, Face book quizzes, Skype quizzes, Zoom quizzes, family quizzes, themed quizzes, it goes on! But I’ve done my fair share so far, and can safely say, I know absolutely nothing about anything, to the point that I’m questioning how I function as a successful human being.

The Thursday claps for the NHS have brought neighbours together from all walks of life, nattering by their bins about the recent government decisions, when this will all be over and whether its landfill or recycling day. I’m going to digress, but stay with me…

My grandparents live in amongst a series of flats, with a larger carpark in the middle. The flats are mostly for retired people, quite a few of which live alone. Every Thursday we would go down, all stand outside our own buildings, clapping and shouting across to each other. People have started talking to one another who have lived in the same building for years and years and never spoken. My grandparents now know the names, jobs, daughters and granddaughters of their neighbours.

They then start friend-matchmaking Mandy who lives opposite, with Helen who lives below her to start speaking, and proceed to gossip about ways to get them to chat and hang out so they won’t be alone. It’s very sweet.

But why does it take a Pandemic for people to talk to one another? Are we so used to emotionally investing in our social media that we can’t stop and wish someone a good day, or listen to their stories? We have so much to learn from this period of our lives. Let’s cherish each other a little more.