I saw someone post on Facebook the other day asking whether Zoo’s were ethical to take their children to. I stopped and read it, I looked at all the comments of people justifying the zoos that can be humane/caring/gentle, and I thought to myself…on a day to day basis, more and more people are struggling with their mental health during quarantine. The lack of social contact, the lack of normality, the lack of exercise, the lack of freedom, the lack of ‘being able to do what humans are meant go do’.

I sat there for at least 5 minutes, staring at this post, staring at these comments. I thought to myself, how disconnected we are from anything we like doing, just because we like it.

This led me onto a larger thought, people predominantly eat meat, because they like the taste, people buy makeup because they like it, its trending, people wear fur because they think it makes them appear a certain way, people go to zoos because they like looking at foreign animals so they don’t have to hike or travel. We don’t question any of it, because well, we like it. But, is that enough?

To people who have a pet, a pet that’s the heart and soul of their family, would it be okay to not groom them, because you don’t like it, or not feed them because you don’t like the smell, eat them because you like the taste, or keep them in a cage to save your beautiful new sofa? No, because it’s personal. You care about them.

So why aren’t any of these other things personal for the planet we share and the compassion we feel? Why don’t we think about them the same way we consider our own appearance, status and mental health? I sat there staring, I knew I wanted to comment something, but didn’t want to be brash or hurtful, I didn’t want to come across as ‘just another vegan ranting and making people feel bad’, which is true, I don’t want anyone to feel bad, just as I don’t want any being to feel bad either.

In the end, I simply posted: If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that no being should be confined.