Brides At Sea!

I am so excited to share this with you! Let’s start at the beginning…

On 18th May 2018 I took part in a fantastic shoot for Fross Wedding Collections.

The idea was for an elegant, dramatic and stylish bridal shoot & video.

Well the GORGEOUS models exceeded my expectations before I even touched them with my brush, the scenery was gorgeous ( based on Brighton Marina), and the dresses were unbelievable, something from a fairytale.

We arrived early that day, all hyped up for our full day of bridal loveliness. We were blessed with the most amazing day, weather wise and took a moment to baste in the sun while we waited for them to show us our boat.

Once on the boat, we carefully brought in the dresses and all our necessities for the day (this did include champagne, shortbread millionaires and some other naughty snacks!).

I set my kit up feeling optimistic that so far 20 minutes on the boat and I’m feeling fine! (a little backstory here…I get incredibly bad seasickness, I prepared and took travel sickness pills prior to arrival, as the packet states, and I have a bit of a fear of boats, mostly from fear of being sick!) I was feeling incredibly honoured to be part of such a wonderful shoot, on a lovely boat, with lovely people and stunning models.

I chose to go for glowing and natural skin, along with flattering contour, and beautiful warm shade eyeshadows. For one of my models, we went for a bold red lip to really set off her stunning skin tone. Hair was a challenge as we realised power would not work at sea to power hair tongs, so I got to it, and finished as we were moving off, all went to plan!

Once finished, we set out! We had the most talented, lovely photographer shooting the event, Terri V Photography who did an amazing job, as well as Brighton Video Production videoing the wonderful brides.

We started moving and quickly were out of the marina and out at sea. It took around 1 hour before I started feeling really sick, which I think was brilliant for me! But the sickness could not stop me feeling invigorated by the whole event. We had smoke bombs, windmills, doves and ribbons, it was a spectacular collaboration of massively talented teams and I’m so excited to share the finished video with you now.

To check out the photos by the wonderful Terri (you should, they’re brilliant!), visit my Instagram.

And do be sure to share if you love it as much as we do!

Enjoy beauties x